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 RULE 1 Introduction, League Structure

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PostSubject: RULE 1 Introduction, League Structure   Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:53 pm

1.1) Welcome to Olympians and Titians (OaT), this is the official rule book for the 2015 season.  This is a Dynasty/Franchise League. The rule book is the ultimate authority and final word on all disputes as interpreted by the Commissioner. All league members are expected to read and have a firm understanding of the rules and how the league operates. The rule book will also be posted on the website, but I recommend all Owners/GM’s print out a hard copy of this rulebook for future reference.

1.2) The league will consist of (16) teams that will be divided up into four divisions with 4 teams per division.  

1.3a) The team roster will be limited to a 40-45 active roster with an 88 million salary cap.  

1.3b) No position depth is required.  You may have as many or as few players at any position you choose.  

1.3c) The only mandatory requirement is the game day lineup and at least 40 on the active roster..  It will consist of 1 Quarterback, 1-5 Running Backs, 2-5 Wide Receivers, 1-3 Tight Ends, 1 Kicker,  1-3 Defensive Tackle, 2-4 Defensive Ends, 1-5 Linebackers, 2-5 Corner Backs, 2-5 Safeties.  You can play 9-10 players on offense and 11-12 players on defense.  This includes the offense/defense flex position.

1.4a) You can only play a player at the position he is listed as.  (EX - You may not place a QB at the RB position.)  

1.4b) If a player that’s listed at a specific fantasy position plays out of position for his NFL team, then the fantasy points you would receive would correspond to that NFL position conversion. (EX - Your starting QB plays at running back for his NFL team.  You would receive RB fantasy points, .1 pts for every 1 yd, etc.)
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RULE 1 Introduction, League Structure
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