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 RULE 3 Lineup Deadline

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PostSubject: RULE 3 Lineup Deadline   Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:00 am

3.1) Players are locked at scheduled kickoff of their game. So to play it safe you should try to get it in at least five minutes before the players scheduled game. If any Saturday games are scheduled, then try to have any players playing on Saturday in your lineup five minutes before his game starts. If a Thursday night game is scheduled, then try to have any players playing on Thursday evening five minutes prior to the game starting. Thanksgiving week any players playing should be in on Thursday morning by 11:25am CT if any players are in that game, and by 3:10pm CT for the afternoon game, and by 6:55pm CT for the night game. Once the game(s) starts the website locks you out. If you can’t get to a computer to enter your lineup, you can call the Commissioner and leave your lineup on the voicemail. This document’s the time and day of the call.

3.2) If you call in or entered your lineup prior to the specified deadline, and later you realized you made a mistake or you found out something about one of your players and it’s still before the deadline, you may change it on the site as long as it’s before the player’s scheduled game. You may also call OaT Headquarters if need be to make the change.

3.3) If you don't submit a lineup by the deadline, or get a player in the lineup late, then your lineup for that week will be the lineup or player you played the week prior, regardless of who is in your lineup. You may submit your lineup to the Commissioner via e-mail in an emergency. Both ways give the submission a time stamp.

3.4) Once a Franchise has been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, or a team has clinched a playoff spot, they still must continue to play their starters to ensure fair play. If the league feels that a team has taken out their starters to play backups or rookies, or something just looks fishy, they will have to go with their lineup from the week before. This is to prevent "throwing" games. (This also prevents an investigation into your organization and possible team sanctions and… Oh, sorry I got carried away there for a moment Smile ).
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RULE 3 Lineup Deadline
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