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 RULE 6 Veteran Player Contracts

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PostSubject: RULE 6 Veteran Player Contracts   Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:31 am

6.1) In the event that you sign a veteran UFA, or re-sign one of your own veteran RFA’s, all veteran contracts during the off-season will be decided by the owner of the franchise.  The franchise will assign a player a contract anywhere from 1 to 5 years.  

6.2) Salary Cap Buyouts
An owner can buyout any contract hits (bad debt) that he has on the books from the day after the Super Bowl until the start of the UFA auction period. This means if you cut a player who had a 3 year deal after the 1st year of service and you are due to have his salary on your books for two more years - you can choose to buyout the full value of his remaining contract during that one year. If you cut a player after the early buyout ends he will have the normal percentage hit listed in the chart with no acceleration options.  An owner has the option to accelerate the total cap hit for all years left when he cuts the player during the special buyout period. The default option is to take the cap hit as the chart shows. If you want to accelerate you must say it at the time of the drop (within 24 hrs of the drop). Once an option is selected it is final. All cap hits are 50% for each year remaining on the contract
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RULE 6 Veteran Player Contracts
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