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 RULE 13 Playoff Structure

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PostSubject: RULE 13 Playoff Structure   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:31 am

13.1) The best team in each division will make the playoffs and be declared the division winner. The two wildcard teams will be decided by the two best records that didn’t win a division regardless of the division. So both wildcard teams can come out of the same division. The top two division winners will get a bye the first week of the playoffs. During week 15, the division winner with the best record will play the team with the worst record of the three remaining playoff teams, even if it’s the other division winner. The remaining two teams will square off against each other. The winner of those two games will play for the OaT Championship in week 16. Also during week 16 we will decide the 3rd place. The two second round teams that lost, will go up against each other for 3rd place.

13.2a) The Toilet Bowl (TB) will work a little different. All ten teams that didn’t make the OaT Playoffs will battle each other over the final three weeks (14, 15 & 16). The team that scores the most points over the three week period wins the TB. (Ex. Each team sets their lineup for week 14, Each team sets their lineup for week 15. Then the next week each team sets a lineup for week 16. The point total each team generated for all 3 weeks are totaled together. The team with the highest three week total is the winner.)
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RULE 13 Playoff Structure
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