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 Rule19 Supplemental Draft

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PostSubject: Rule19 Supplemental Draft   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:48 am

19.1) The OaT supplemental draft will be conducted like the NFL does theirs. The OaT supplemental draft lottery is weighted so that worse teams get a better chance of having the highest picks. The first drawing will feature the teams that won five or fewer games last season Those teams are guaranteed to have the Top picks, but the lottery will determine the exact order. We will use the dice to set the order.
Say 5 teams win 5 or fewer games. The team with the worst record will get 16 chances to get the 1st pick, the next team will get 15 chances, and so on.
After that, a second drawing takes place with the teams that won six or more games last season but didn’t make the playoffs.
The other 5 teams that didn’t make the playoffs will now roll to determine the order. The team with the worst record will get 11 chances, the next team 10 chance ….
Finally, the third drawing is for the 6 playoff teams, with the Champion getting their names in the drawing just once.
After the order is established through the three drawings, the supplemental draft is conducted with teams each day submitting players for that Round. This will last 6 days. In case of teams wanting the same players the team with the highest pick gets the player
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Rule19 Supplemental Draft
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